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A National Consumer Testing Magazine
Recommends Gutter Buddy®

by Waterloov®



It's true!  Gutter Buddy® was tested and the results are in.  The magazine tested many Gutter Protection Systems for Debris and Performance.  Of the systems tested, Gutter Buddy® was a Top Choice and the Highest Rated "Surface Tension" System.

How Gutter Buddy® Performed in the Independent Testing:

  • Debris - Excellent

  • Heavy Rains - Highest

  • Severe Flow - Highest

Danlee Company has been installing Gutter Buddy® on hundreds of homes in Central Illinois for OVER 25 years and we have never had a gutter clog up or blow off again!  Our proven design that "Blocks out" maple seeds, pine needles, leaves and other debris is guaranteed to work for you!

PLUS, No other Surface Tension systems scores higher than the Gutter Buddy® in these tests, which confirms you've made the best choice in Gutter Protection.

Gutter Buddy has also Received the WCIA3 Viewers Award and has been

Voted Best Gutter Protection In Central Illinois

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