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Danlee Company: Truly a company with higher standards. We invite our customers to evaluate their installation and the installer at the completion of every job. We strive to delight our customers by providing the highest standards of quality, dependability, service, professionalism and experience. Which, adds up to an excellent value for the homeowner. Below are just a few of our happy customers.

I’ve been very pleased not having to hire someone to clean my gutters several times a year. I think the Gutter Buddy® is a great product, I’m happy I had them installed several years ago.

Peggy Rusk- Paxton, IL- Installed- 6/11/13

We moved into our current house 11 years ago, I put flat screens on the gutters. They quickly clogged up with maple seeds and sticks, I called Danlee Company and had Gutter Buddy® installed 7 years ago. We have had zero problems since.

Phillip Akeman - Altamont, IL - Installed 7/23/09

Danlee Company has great representatives. They came up with a solution for our metal & slate roofs. Their workmanship is awesome and the product has certainly helped us maintain our property easily. Thanks for everything!

Dave & Linda Pressley - Terre Haute, IN - Installed 4/11/14

I wouldn’t do without the Gutter Buddy®. It’s been the best product I’ve seen. I haven’t been on a ladder since, and they look nice too! I highly recommend Gutter Buddy® and Danlee Company. I also referred many of my neighbors and they love it too!

James Hitchens - Mahomet, IL - Installed 6/17/03

First and foremost I’m glad I don’t have to watch my husband up on the ladder trying to clean the gutters. The Gutter Buddy® is good looking and they do the job. Danlee Company did the work efficiently and cleaned up completely.

John & Janice Powers - Champaign, IL - Installed 6/12/15

We love them! Gutter Buddy® does exactly what they said it was going to do WORK!! Even with our forest of maple trees & tulips trees. Danlee Company even came up with a solution for our pole shed gutters also.

Don & Sandra Price - St. Joseph, IL - Installed 11/14/07

I haven’t had to get on a ladder and clean out my gutters for years thanks to Gutter Buddy® and Danlee Company. At 79 years of age that’s important! Gutter Buddy® keeps out all of the debris, plus they look nice and blend in with the house. They even came up with a solution for my flat roofs gutters.

Norma Morgan - Champaign, IL - Installed 01/02/09

Our Gutters were constantly filing up with pine needles. We had the Gutter Buddy® installed and have not worried about our gutters since.

Jack & Barbara Bonnell - Sidney, IL - Installed 5/16/13

I have been very pleased with my Gutter Buddy® gutter protection. The fact that I no longer have to climb a ladder is a real plus. They were installed well and in great shape 5 years later.

Carol LeSeure - Champaign, IL - Installed 5/3/12

I had the Gutter Buddy® installed several years ago and haven’t had to worry about leaves and maple seeds clogging my gutters and downspouts since. They do a wonderful job, and the installer was nice & professional.

Maureen Berry - Urbana, IL - Installed 7/8/14

We’ve had the Gutter Buddy for almost 14 years. It’s some of the best money we’ve ever spent. It works great in heavy rains, the louvers block out the oak debris, and it looks great too.

John & Vicki West - Effingham, IL - Installed 6/13/98

My husband had another popular gutter guard put on our home and it still clogs up! We put Gutter Buddy on one of our rental properties years ago and it still works great. I wish my husband had known about Gutter Buddy- I’m sure he would have used it on our home.

Eloise Heller - Champaign, IL - Installed 3/6/09

We’ve been very happy with the Gutter Buddy from Danlee Co. The two big maple trees in our yard no longer clog our gutters. The Gutter Buddy blocks out the maple seed and it works great in a heavy rain too.

Lloyd & Jo Allsop - Beecher City, IL - Installed 9/24/04

I don’t have to climb ladders to clean my gutters anymore. Gutter Buddy is great and looks great too.

Norma Starwalt - Mattoon, IL - Installed 9/7/04

Several years ago we had a well advertised gutter guard put on our home- we were unhappy with it from the start, but couldn’t get any help. Now we replaced that product with the Gutter Buddy and we are very pleased with it and their work.

John & Virginia Barker - Brocton, IL - Installed 3/26/04

I tried another system that just didn’t work. The Gutter Buddy from Danlee Co. is a great exception. We never have to clean out our gutters and it has a really nice appearance on our home.

Walter Lembke - Urbana, IL - Installed 10/12/04

My husband Earl was on the roof all the time cleaning out the gutters. I didn’t want my husband climbing ladders anymore, and maybe fall like some of our friends. A friend recommended the Gutter Buddy and we had it installed in 1997. We are well pleased it’s dependable, won’t blow off and looks good on our home.

Becky Swanson - Urbana, IL - Installed 9/17/97

Danlee Company has solved my gutter cleaning problems. Their workers are very skilled and reliable and their covers look great on my house.

Nellie Manselle - Urbana, IL - Installed 10/13/04

Gutter Buddy was the best solution to our gutter cleaning problems. They did a great job, cleaned up afterwards and were very professional. It was a pleasant experience doing business with them and the covers add to the appearance of our home.

Clifford Peak - Oakwood, IL - Installed 5/17/05

Living in a house surrounded by trees, I was always having my gutters cleaned out- a major problem. After having Gutter Buddy installed I have not spent 1 minute cleaning or maintaining the gutters. Thank you Danlee Company.

Judy Swider - Danville, IL - Installed 5/19/05

Having Gutter Buddy installed on our parents home is one of the best things we’ve done to the house. They work really well when it rains hard and the gutters remain clean! They were professional, prompt and affordable. We are very pleased.

Ron Huls - Danville, IL - Installed 3/16/05

I really love the Gutter Buddy. It keeps out the debris, looks nice on our home, handles heavy rains and we don’t clean gutters anymore!

Ruby Bennett - Effingham, IL - Installed 5/9/06

The Gutter Buddy works just as advertised. They look great on our home and block out the hickory, oak and elm tree debris.

James Farris - Effingham, IL - Installed 6/19/06

I am very pleased with the performance of the Gutter Buddy. Danlee Company exceeded our expectations!

Wayne & Annette Clausius - Effingham, IL - Installed 8/30/06

We have had the Gutter Buddy for many years and they have kept the gutters free of the oak debris, Gutter Buddy is just great!

Marvin Marsh - Urbana, IL - Installed 11/1/03

We are completely satisfied with the Gutter Buddy covers on our gutters; we no longer need to clean out the gutters. Danlee Company is very professional and I would recommend them to anyone.

Art & Sandra Burr - Urbana, IL - Installed 5/24/04

They Blend in with the roof and look great on our home.

Kermit Harden – Urbana, IL - Installed 9/18/03

I haven't had to clean my gutters again, it really blocks out the debris.

Earl Carpunky – Decatur, IL - Installed 5/4/98

Danlee Co. installed Gutter Buddy® 8 years ago, we are very satisfied!

Wendell Moore – Decatur, IL - Installed 4/2/99

Danlee saved us the cost of new gutters and the Gutter Buddy solved our basement water problems.

Barbra Broyles – Mattoon, IL - Installed 10/23/04

Danlee's Gutter Buddy® was the only company that could come up with a solution for our flat rubber roof.

Ron Koehler – Champaign, IL - Installed 8/26/05

Other Systems didn't work, but the Gutter Buddy® really blocks out the oak leaf pollen.

Dan King – Effingham, IL - Installed 3/30/02

I tried other gutter covers and they clogged up. Gutter Buddy® really blocks out the debris. I'm happy.

Larry Reck – Terre Haute, IL - Installed 6/23/05

I had bought a gutter cover at a big box store and had them installed in the spring, by summer I had waterfalls overflowing the gutters, birds coming in and out of all the ends and maple sprouts growing out of them. Now I have the Gutter Buddy and have been trouble free.

Marty Dwyer - Champaign, IL - Installed 9/4/09

I had Danlee Company install the Gutter Buddy on my gutters several years ago. Gutter Buddy handles the “helicopter”, maple seed seasons without any problems. I certainly don’t miss the constant climbing to clean my gutters. For that I owe my thanks and for doing such a great job installing them.

Teresa Mattingly - Champaign, IL - Installed 11/9/04

  • Quality – Strongest, finest product available, completely rust free.

  • Dependability – You can depend on Gutter Buddy®, our customer's gutters have never clogged again in over 25 years! Gutter Buddy® fastens securely to the gutter and withstands strong winds.

  • Service – Our representatives listen to the homeowner, and treat them and their property with respect.

  • Professionalism – prompt, courteous, knowledgeable representatives and installers.

  • Experience – As a pioneer in gutter protection we are the experts, with hundreds of local, satisfied customers, we know how to take care of you.

“Informed consumers and higher standards is the only way we do business”

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